Sports reporter Nati Jota has spoken out about her breast reduction surgery. Picture: Instagram @natijota
Sports reporter Nati Jota has spoken out about her breast reduction surgery. Picture: Instagram @natijota

Sad reason for reporter’s breast surgery

A YOUNG sports reporter has opened up about her decision to have breast reduction surgery in a bid to be taken more seriously in her job.

Natalia Jersonsky, better known as Nati Jota, is a popular ESPN journalist in Argentina.

The 24-year-old has a huge following on social media, with 1.1 million Instagram followers and a further 850,000 fans on Twitter.

Jersonsky underwent the serious operation recently, with her parents and boyfriend at her bedside.

She has since shared a video on social media recorded from her hospital bed thanking fans for their "kind comments" and explaining the procedure had been a success.

According to the Mirror, Jersonsky opted to have the surgery because she felt she wasn't being taken seriously as a professional due to her breast size.

She also revealed she had been bullied at school, first for being "flat-chested" and then for being "top heavy".

"At school when all my classmates started to blossom, mine did not initially grow and I was called 'flat-chested' and other things," the publication quoted her as saying.

"While my pals were praying for knights in shining armour, I was asking for boobs. See - be careful what you wish for.

"I got them and now I am having an operation to make them smaller."

The award-winning reporter also said her chest was a distraction to some viewers.

"I want people to look at my face when I speak," she said.

Jersonsky also went under the knife for health reasons, explaining her breast size had caused her significant back pain over the years.

She said it had also been difficult to find clothes that fit correctly.

Jersonsky, who presents the ESPN 2 afternoon show ESPN Redes, which is aimed at teenagers, won the coveted Martin Fierro Digital Award earlier this year after being recognised as an influential Twitter user.

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin.

The procedure comes with all the usual risks and side effects usually associated with surgery.

It aims to achieve a breast size in proportion with the patient's body as well as to reduce pain and discomfort and boost self-esteem.