New Derwent Valley Council funded logos
New Derwent Valley Council funded logos

Pooping tigers and kids’ hieroglyphics: Council’s $140k flop

COMMUNITY response to new council-funded logos have received a mixed reaction, with opinions ranging from 'great' to 'Egyptian hieroglyphs a 5-year-old would draw.'

The quirky $140,000 project by consultants For The People commissioned by the Derwent Valley Council has seen nine new icons created for the region.

The range includes cherries, the Tasmanian tiger, the Fagus, Platypus, Derwent River, swan, hops, trout and eucalyptus and come in sets of four logos in nine different colours.

Mayor Ben Shaw said the idea for the series of brands came after widespread community consultation.

New Derwent Valley Council funded logos
New Derwent Valley Council funded logos

"It came out strongly from the community that we've kind of lost our sense of identity - we're on a journey to reinvent the place," he said.


"We've got this clean green branding for all of Tassie so we wanted to differentiate ourselves. "We're saying come to the Derwent Valley and hear some stories, talk to some locals, see some big trees and platypuses and catch some trout."

Social media pundits have been quick to give their two cents worth, with the Tassie Tiger logos attracting particular criticism.

"I feel bad for criticising, however, this tiger looks like its been doing a poo for about 100 years. What's with the obviously vintage/retro look? Aren't we looking forward?" said Rachael Ploughman.

"Looks a lot like Egyptian hieroglyphs a 5-year-old would draw," said Sharon Miller.

"Is this a marketing ploy to get people talking about it, like the whole iSnack 2.0. Gosh I hope so," said Alan Baker.

But not everyone jumped on the logo bashing bandwagon.

"I think the branding is great! It is tongue in cheek and not taking ourselves too seriously. We all tell stories and they get better with each retelling," said Lisa West.

Cr Shaw said he wasn't surprised by the mixed response.

"Generally it's the ones who weren't involved in the earlier consultation process who say they don't like it," he said.

In 2015, Hobart residents overwhelmingly rejected a new city council logowhich cost more than $200,000 to roll out.

Five years later, the logo remains and the outrage has dissipated.

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