Gladstone lad Wayne James with a pair of nice gold band snapper.
Gladstone lad Wayne James with a pair of nice gold band snapper. Contributed

Time to get back to important matters and go fishing

WITH the election now done and dusted it's high time to focus on the job in hand and to get back out on the water.

The outlook for this weekend looks a tad ordinary but around midday Saturday and Sunday there appears to be an opportunity to slip out the front.

It still could be the forecast of 10-15 knots but there should be times through the morning when conditions will be excellent for chasing those reds or trout or maybe a Spanish or two!

This past week or two has been a bit of a trout-athon with not too many picking up red emperor but with the tides being quite small over the next couple of days those with the right boat should be able to hit those 50m+ spots which hold the bigger ones.

Around the new moon lunar phases the trout are congregating a bit, getting ready for their big spawn in October, November and December.

The first of which starts at midnight on October 1, and continues till midnight, on October 6.

The second closure starts at midnight on October 30, till midnight on November 4.

Make sure you log those dates down and if you have friends coming up aiming to tackle the reef species during that time, then it'll be a wasted trip.

If you wish to know more about these coral reef fin fish closures then head to, a helpful website.

A couple of weeks ago, Gayleen Schnabel and her hubby headed out chasing a feed and caught a nice morwong, or mother-in-law fish, along with a whole heap of other names.

Many think they aren't all that nice and probably compared to sweetlip, trout or red they'd probably be right, but trust me these aren't too bad at all so long as you bleed them and look after them.

Filleted and cut up into nice bite-size pieces then beer battered or jap crumbed and into the deep fryer, they will taste as good as anything else.

Dip them in some homemade tartare sauce and yummo! A good thing to go with them is some beer-battered bad-boy chips and wash it down with your favourite beverage!

I had a mate of mine fly up from Sydney last Saturday morning as he was meeting up with a big group who were heading out on Mikat to the Swain Reefs for the week.

I have to say that I reckon he has jagged the weather and hopefully I'll be able to bring you some pictures from that trip last week.

We took him past the tackle shop and I have to admit I had a field day suggesting he took this and that and why not try this lure and that lure, mainly because I have never seen so many rods and reels brought up to fish the reef for one week by one fella.

Gladstone local Wayne James and his family are travelling around Australia at the moment and this week he was over on the other coast in WA.

As you can see by the pic, he chooses his clothing well and I am so proud of him broadcasting that we indeed have the best fishing event by wearing the flash Boyne Tannum HookUp shirt.

As you can see he is holding up some very nice gold band snapper which apparently are very nice to eat, good on ya champ.

The other pics he showed me were of a huge day and these were very common.

That's about it from me this week folks but log those closure dates down and don't forget to call up VMR to let them know where you are going before heading out.