Pollies should submit expenses to an ATO: resident

TWO politicians, both experienced, renumerated handsomely, as servants of the people: one has a conscience and displays commonsense concerning parliamentary privileges; the other on the same team has a different perspective and agenda.

The first, Malcolm Turnbull, a man of business acumen and integrity, leading by example, uses public transport to save the taxpayer unnecessarily.

He is mocked and ridiculed by his peers for doing so.

The other, Bronwyn Bishop, on $350,000 annually ($7000 a week), at the taxpayers' expense, appropriates the most lavish lifestyle.

Her antics have opened a Pandora's box, which the taxpaying public always suspected - this high-flying politician, like many, exploited and rorted her privileged position, displaying no remorse.

Bowing to public pressure, she has resignedher Speaker of the House position and sent the Coalition into a tailspin.

Do you agree that pollies should submit their expenses to an ATO?

This poll ended on 08 August 2015.

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

The ball stops with the Prime Minister.

Now all politicians' expenses and privileges are under the public spotlight, there has to be some internal investigation and soul-searching, to find what we all suspect.

If it happens in one level of government, then we suspect it is right across the board for all public servants.

Like all employees, they should first pay out of their own pockets, submit a tax return for expenses, like the rest, and allow the ATO to decide on feasibility and fairness of deductions.

Denying those on fixed incomes and on welfare a good life, while the few ride high, is unconscionable.

Hypocrisy is corrupt and corrosive.

Malcolm Turnbull for Prime Minister!


Tannum Sands

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