Our pollies put printing, cars and flights on taxpayers' tab

TAXPAYERS forked out more than $3000 each day to cover the communications, travel and staff costs of Ipswich's two federal politicians.

In the final quarter of 2018 Member for Blair Shayne Neumann's expenses totalled $191,418.

Those of Oxley MP Milton Dick totalled $119,866.

Combined, the two Federal Labor MPs charged taxpayers $289,367.37 for the 92 days between October 1 and December 31.

The figures are contained in the latest report published by the Commonwealth's Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority.

Mr Neumann, Labor's spokesman for immigration and border protection, spent $22,774.43 on domestic fares in three months.

On one occasion, return flights from Brisbane to Melbourne cost $2593 and Commonwealth car expenses totalled $618 for the two-day trip.

Mr Neumann's printing and communications spending, which includes brochures, booklets and distribution, cost taxpayers $48,302.

Distribution in November was the highest expense in the category, totalling $14,346.

Mr Neumann's travel to Naru in November cost $1836.

"All expenses for the period of October to December 2018 were approved and within entitlements," a spokesman for Mr Neumann said.

Travel for Mr Dick and Mr Neumann for official and party duties cost $7579 and $7830 respectively.

Mr Dick spent $40,578 on printing and communications, including $12,626 for distribution in November.

"Mr Dick always ensures that any expenses are spent appropriately and represent the best value for money," a spokesman for the Oxley MP said.

"Communicating with residents on a regular basis is a high priority for Mr Dick which includes sending letters for upcoming mobile offices, events and welcoming new residents to the community."

Scott Buchholz, the Liberal Member for Wright and Assistant Minister for Roads and Transport, spent $133,915 in the three months.

It included $5834 for family travel across the eastern seaboard.