Pollies long on promises, short on detail for Flynn

LET'S face it. We're in a marginal seat.

And that means we are likely to see every single party leader in the Gladstone region at least once during the coming week.

On Monday it was Kevin Rudd's and Bob Katter's turn.

No doubt at some stage we're likely to see Tony, Clive and heaps of others as they all spruik their policies, which they maintain are a million times better than the others.

Sound cynical? Sure is.

On one side you have the Prime Minister promising millions and on the other side you have the Opposition Leader promising millions, but in either case it seems to be short when it comes to detail.

Mr Rudd came to town on Monday and the only thing he could offer was a policy that had been announced the day before and had more to do with trainees everywhere than it did with our region specifically.

To both major leaders: What are you going to offer the people of Gladstone to make them change their minds?

Precious little that we've seen so far.

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