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Politician praised over breastfeeding photo

AN ARGENTINIAN politician has been praised after a photo of her breastfeeding her infant daughter during a parliamentary session went viral.

Victoria Donda Perez was attending a meeting in Argentine National Congress earlier this month when she had to feed her eight-month-old daughter.

She has been hailed as a role-model for women everywhere by showing what being a full time mum really looks like, balancing a demanding full-time job and childcare at the same time.

Breastfeeding in public has become a hot topic in 2015 after a number of women reported being treated poorly by service staff or security when feeding in public.

Earlier this month a woman said she was physically removed from Primark by a security guard after feeding her daughter in a quiet corner of the store.

And a cafe owner in Australia was praised after removing a customer who complained about a breastfeeding mother.

Both situations have encouraged new discussions about the importance of treating breastfeeding women with respect.

Earlier this year, the phenomenon known as 'brelfies' took off on social media, encouraging women to take selfies while breastfeeding to break down the stigmas surrounding mothers.