Pair were "cooking" in drug lab when Police kicked in door

COMMUNITY information has led police to uncover an extensive amphetamine production lab inside a Buddina home.

Two middle-aged men were arrested inside the home where allegedly they had been "cooking" the drugs yesterday morning.

Sunshine Coast Tactical Crime Squad issued the men with a search warrant following information from the community.

Sergeant Wade Lee said the lab was in the later stage of production.

"This is a mid-size clandestine lab," Sgt Lee said.

"It is the kind of style of lab we would see on the Sunshine Coast."

A 49-year-old man and a 50-year-old man were arrested and taken to Maroochydore station.

They were charged with three offences, including producing a dangerous drug, possession of relevant tools to produce dangerous substances and possessing relevant substances for the production of illegal substances.

The arrests followed a massive crackdown on Sunshine Coast drug operations earlier this month, when 15 people were charged on 41 drug-related offences.

In the eight-month operation, called Kilo Deacon, police executed 23 search warrants on residences and properties across south-east Queensland.

Yesterday's arrests were not related to the operation.