Ian Leavers, Queensland Police Union.
Ian Leavers, Queensland Police Union. Sharyn O'Neill

Police union boss reacts to officer dragged along by car

QUEENSLAND Police Union boss said police officers risked their lives daily to protect the community, and clinging to the door handle of a moving car was no exception.

General president Ian Leavers said the dangerous situation showed the difficult nature of police work, but it was no excuse for criminals to abuse officers' safety.

Mr Leavers reacted to the sentencing of Justin Zachariah Djordjevic at Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Tuesday where a police officer's life was put in danger.

An officer approached a stolen car Djordjevic was in with his partner and infant child before Djordjevic locked the doors, reversed and sped off with the officer clinging onto the door handle for 50m.

He eventually let go to avoid injury.

Magistrate Michael McLaughlin labelled Djordjevic's actions as "selfish" saying the officer could have easily gone under the car tyres.

Mr Leavers said it was just one example of the dangers officers faced at work.

"Every police officer has sworn an oath to protect and serve their community, and they do so with the knowledge they may have to intervene in dangerous situations, including on our roads," he said.

A more serious incident occurred at Ipswich last year where two teenagers were charged with the attempted murder of Ipswich police officer Peter MacAulay.

He was attempting to deploy road spikes after spotting a stolen vehicle when the car swerved around the spikes and hit the officer.

The recent incidents sparked up the debate for police access to remote car immobilisers which Mr Leavers has passionately rallied for.

"The Union has been instrumental in ensuring the introduction of car immobilisers is on the national agenda, because we believe they will greatly improve the safety of all," he said.