A motorist crashed near Cecil Plains last night.
A motorist crashed near Cecil Plains last night.

Police track driver who left the scene of crash

MOTORISTS are urged to give the authorities a quick phone call if they are involved a traffic crash.

The reminder comes after Cecil Plains police spent yesterday morning tracking the driver of car that crashed near the intersection of Pampas Horrane Rd and Toowoomba Cecil Plains Rd about 12am.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Service crew attended the crash and worked to make the scene safe but could not locate the driver.

However, Cecil Plains police caught up with him 12 hours later.

A police spokesman said fatigue and a difficult corner contributed to the crash.

No one was injured, nor was the drive issued an infringement notice.

The news comes after several high-profile cases where motorists have left the scene of a crash. 

They include collision that killed Lachlan Douglas on the new England Highway on January 23, 2020 and a collision the Warrego Highway at Hatton Vale that killed 36-year-old mum Julie Thomsen.