Warwick police to film with on-body cameras

WARWICK residents can expect to be watched a little more closely when local police start sporting body-worn cameras.

The Queensland Police Service has rolled out the introduction of the body cameras over the past couple of years.

Warwick station officer-in-charge Jamie Deacon said it would be a significant help to both the community and the police.

"The numbers of them issued to stations have been increased, with the hopes that every officer will soon have a body camera," he said.

"Members of the public should have nothing to fear from that.

"If you've done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear.

"It will help provide evidence in court and it also helps to deal with complaints against to police.

"It's a way of ensuring police are professional in all of their dealings.

"It has the possibility to alter behaviour of people when they know they're being filmed."

Some officers from Warwick have started to wear the cameras and the rest will soon follow.

As not all officers have been provided with a camera yet, some have decided to buy their own.

The first spy-like cameras was introduced in Queensland during the Brisbane G20 summit.

The cameras have since been trialled on the Gold Coast to reduce crime.