Keep your little ghouls safe this Halloween.
Keep your little ghouls safe this Halloween. John Gass

Police serve out some tips for trick and treaters tonight

WHILE the Queensland Police Service are prepared to respond to poltergeists wrecking havoc or the ever-present threat of a Zombie outbreak, 'trick or treaters' should be aware of other more likely dangers.

Senior Sergeant Craig Williams said while Halloween has not traditionally been celebrated in Australia, there has been an increase in the number of Queenslanders who are actively celebrating the October 31 holiday.

"It can be a fun night, but some in the community are rightly concerned that 'trick or treating' can be fraught with danger," he said.

"By taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with a few safety tips, we can ensure tonight is a 'frightful' night for all the right reasons."

Trick or treaters should:

  • Be accompanied by a mother or father monster at all times (or another responsible witch, ghost or vampire);
  • Black cats love to slink around, but you should walk, not run between houses and stick to the footpath rather than the road. Black cats don't want to be seen, and for good reason, but if you wear black, it will reduce your visibility to passing motorists!
  •  Never enter a stranger's house, even if they have invited you in after knocking on their door;
  • Be aware that not everybody celebrates Halloween, and some may find a group of young witches, zombies or Frankenstein's Bride on their door step very confronting!; and
  • Consider joining your friends on your neighbourhood adventure - there is safety in numbers.