Police are investigating an alleged dog shooting.
Police are investigating an alleged dog shooting.

Police probe alleged dog shooting

POLICE have launched an investigation into an alleged dog shooting incident in Craignish after a social media post went viral.

A Craignish resident uploaded photos and videos to a Facebook group on Sunday claiming to have seen a resident with a rifle shoot a dog that had been wandering through the streets about 8am on Saturday.

The post has gone viral and has been shared more than 1200 times.

In the post, the resident, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed she heard a loud gunshot from a neighbouring property.

"A loud gunshot was heard and myself and several neighbours witnessed this stray dog in much distress, wounded to its hind legs and unable to walk," the post read.

"The dog was yelping and the whole neighbourhood became chaotic with many dogs barking and people screaming out.

"I then noticed she (the woman) was holding a rifle and I realised the seriousness of what was happening by shooting a defenceless dog."

The resident alleged in the post the woman shot the dog again when she yelled at the neighbour to stop.

A Queensland Police spokesman confirmed they were aware of the incident and were investigating.