Porsche driver Richard Pusey claims there is a “conspiracy” against him. Picture: Tim Carrafa
Porsche driver Richard Pusey claims there is a “conspiracy” against him. Picture: Tim Carrafa

Police-hating Porsche driver claims ‘conspiracy’ against him

Police-hater Richard Pusey has claimed the case against him is a "conspiracy", according to prison sources.

His wild rantings from inside one of Melbourne's highest security prisons have been revealed, as his estranged parents share their "disgust" and shame over his alleged actions in the crash that killed four officers.

A Melbourne Assessment Prison insider said Pusey has claimed police have a vendetta against him and his involvement in the Eastern Freeway crash was a "conspiracy".

The mortgage broker was on bail and allegedly high on ice and cannabis when his Porsche was intercepted travelling 149km/h on the freeway.

The prison source said Pusey refutes details of the allegations against him and refers to police as "dogs".

"He is saying it is all a conspiracy," the prison insider said.

"He is arrogant and playing up. He is difficult to manage and calls police and prison staff dogs."

Pusey is caged in protective custody in the same cell that held the now acquitted Cardinal George Pell.

He is facing a string of offences, including reckless conduct endangering life, leaving the scene of an accident and destroying evidence over Wednesday's tragic crash.

He walked away to urinate moments before the truck ploughed into the officers and Porsche in the emergency lane.

After hearing the "bang" Pusey allegedly got out his phone and filmed himself taunting the dying officers, saying: "There you go. Amazing. Absolutely amazing."

He allegedly went on to say "all I wanted to do was go home and eat my sushi and now you have f***ing f***ed my car" before fleeing the scene in a passerby's car.

Yesterday his mother said her family were "disgusted" by his alleged conduct and could give no insight into his cruelty.

"We are incredibly shocked and deeply ashamed by the events that unfolded surrounding the accident and thereafter," she said.

"We are disgusted as you can imagine."

Pusey has been estranged from the family for some time, she said.

His mother offered her "deepest sympathies" to the officers' loved ones, saying her family were also suffering.

"We feel the same sense of devastation as the rest of the community," she said.

Pusey has been remanded to reappear at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on July 16.



Originally published as Police-hating Porsche driver claims 'conspiracy' against him