Police crack down as dam users get too close to wall

WATER craft users of all descriptions are risking their lives on one of the region's major waterways.

Irresponsible Awoonga Dam users are raising the ire of water police.

Concerns have been raised after several incidents involving the operation of boats, yachts, canoes, kayaks and jet skis within 100m of the dam wall.

Officer in charge of Water Police Gladstone, Sergeant Jeff Barnett, said officers feared an afternoon on the water could turn deadly as dam users breached safety rules.

"Not only are these types of actions a breach of legislation, but they are extremely dangerous," he said.

"Water police officers will be undertaking targeted patrols of the area to assist with education and prevention of such dangerous acts."

Reckless water users risk fines of up to $11,000.

Safety breaches include coming within 100m of the dam wall, spillway or weir while in control of a watercraft, or 300m for fishermen and boats while downstream.

Buoys are located at each of the boundaries to serve as warnings to stay away from the walls, spillway and weir structures.