It's cold out here, I have to cover up
It's cold out here, I have to cover up

Polar blast to put a chill through state

QUEENSLAND is bracing for strong winds, cold temperatures and a high fire risk as a polar blast forcecast to bring gale-force winds and snow to southern states moves north.

The weather front from the west and Bass Strait will move across the country on Thursday, and is set to bring heavy rain, damaging winds and cold temperatures - even snow to Victoria.

The system will be followed by a second system on Friday, and a low from the south that will carry wild weather through New South Wales and parts of Queensland.

BoM meteorologist Jess Gardner said it will be less of a winter storm and more just westerly wind bursts and cold dry weather gripping the state come the end of the week.

She said the trough will move from west to east on Thursday bringing with it very cold dry air and following that, several westerly wind bursts on Friday and Saturday.



"We expect to see an increasing frost around Queensland after it had eased over the last week or so, over the weekend we did see temperatures go into negatives again around the normally colder areas of the Granite Belt, Darling Downs, Roma and Stanthorpe."

But for the end of this week and into next, the state can expect a dip in the mercury.

"The trough system will move through with very cold and dry air behind it, so that means overnight minimum temperatures can drop to a lot colder than if there was more moisture in the air."

While northern NSW could see snow at the end of the week, the winter burst is not expected to bring snow to Queensland at this stage.

Across the south east of the state, including Brisbane, Queenslanders can expect dry and cooler daytime and nighttime temperatures.

"Daytime temperatures around the Darling Downs and Granite Belt are expected to drop to the low teens and even lower."

"We expect to see the coldest night and morning on Monday."

But with the winter burst comes a dangerous risk for fires from Thursday onwards.

"We're looking at the likelihood of severe fire dangers in the Darling Downs and very high fire dangers for most eastern districts on Friday, sticking around until Saturday."