POKEMON GO: The worst thing that happened to my generation

POKEMON GO will be reflected upon as one of the worst things to have happened in this generation.

Up there with the return of Pauline Hanson, Kim Kardashian and things that "break the internet".

While we face a potentially tumultuous Senate, mass uncertainty in major global markets and a number of countries nearing boiling point over racial and cultural divides, ours included, millions of Muppets are walking around face down trying to 'catch' flame-tailed lizards.


While the seeds of bigotry continue to be sown across our nation, the youth, those with the power to make generational change, chase Pikachu and his mates through alleyways, car parks and strangers' yards.

You forego any right to complain about the system now or in future if you show more interest in throwing imaginary balls at random, vacant spaces than in who should be running this country.

If you filled in an invalid vote at the recent election, but are on Level 27 on Pokemon GO, give yourself an uppercut.

Charizard isn't going to help you when unnecessary riots reach our streets, when you can't afford a home or still don't have the right to marry the person you love regardless of their gender.

The only positive I can see is it will aid a decline in teen pregnancies and the spread of STDs because there's surely zero chance these Pokemon plebs are getting any action.

Fair play to the creators of the app. A simple rehash of Google Earth and a seriously disaffected population has Pokemon HQ screaming Eureka.

And there's plenty defending the genius of the game.

It's got people walking again.

Here's a tip, get a dog. They get you walking too and you actually get something out of looking after them.

You can even throw real balls at them and they sometimes bring them back.

But if there's one thing that should be learned from this whole sad experience is that the future is in our hands.

If pollies want to capture the attention of young voters, which is arguable just how much they do, but if there is a genuine desire, then things have to be done differently.

The insane popularity this new game has achieved shows there are masses completely and utterly disengaged with the world as it is, out there seeking change.

Any chance to break the cycle, escape reality and have fun has been grasped firmly, clutched like a Poke Ball after a triumphant catch.

But it's a long leap from doggedly staring at screens trying to trap dragons to being glued to the political landscape.

I've no idea how pollies regain voters' interest, but someone's gotta catch 'em all.