Pointy heads come up with craziest of red tape and laws

OPINION: What is the stupidest law, regulation or red tape you have to deal with in your life?

That's the question one southern publication has been putting to people on the street for the past couple of weeks.

I have to say that I have been surprised at the incidence of paid parking as the major gripe.

I guess it reflects the difference between living in a place like Gladstone and the Big Smoke.

That said, I would have thought the plethora of stupid rules and regulations that have become so prevalent in our nanny state would have rankled more. But there you go!

I recently got a ticket at Kangaroo Point as I sped up to merge safely and in turn, on to the Story Bridge travelling north.

Of course I should have had my eyes focused on the speed camera overhead, not on the traffic ahead, behind or streaming from the right.

Which got my thinking to one of my major gripes - traffic law in this state.

But first an interesting convergence.

Did your old man ever say to you: "It's right because I said it's right"?

Bart Cummings' recent death had one journalist recalling a story where a pointy-headed public servant told Bart there were too many flies hanging around his stables.

Bart's request of the clown makes for the other side of the convergence. He reportedly asked: "How many flies am I allowed to have?"

When I was younger, the speed limit on our highways was 60 miles per hour, 96km in today's money.

The cars were rigid blocks of steel propelled by six or eight cylinder motors, bench seat up front, shift on the steering column to allow for three or four passengers in front, no power steering and brakes were six-inch drums.

Seatbelts, ABS, airbags, padded dashes, warning systems nowhere to be found.

When at uni I travelled each weekend up and down from Brissie to Caloundra where my parents lived.

The Bruce Hwy was not much more than a goat track which snaked through Petrie, Burpengary, Caboolture, Elimbah, Beerburrum, Beerwah, Glasshouse and Landsborough.

Eroded gravel edges and no guiding line for night driving. All at 60 miles per hour!

Today we have cars so bloody safe they are virtually indestructible in the hands of sober drivers with rudimentary driving skills paying attention to what they're doing.

The roads come under criticism but they are eminently better than when the speed limit was just 4km per hour lower.

Why is this right? Because some pointy-head says it's right. Forget logic.

There is myriad stupid laws, regulations and red tape that are dumbfounding and probably much more injurious to the general welfare of our nation and economy.

All drawn by pointy-headed people who use pointy-headed people to administer them.

All there because what they say is right is right. And forget logic.