Debbie McCutcheon has released a book about her now-deceased grandson.
Debbie McCutcheon has released a book about her now-deceased grandson. Brenda Strong

Nanna writes poetic tribute to a boy with 'angel wings'

HE HAD a smile that could break your heart. That was one thing Lucas Swaffield's family was sure of when he was born.

But shock soon followed when they were informed he had cerebral palsy.

Claire Swaffield's son Lucas died in August last year of pneumonia, but his legacy lives on in a book written by his nanna, Debbie McCutcheon.

The book titled I can Touch the Moon was written before he died, to explain to his older brother Charlie why Lucas was different.

"He used to wonder why Lucas couldn't eat or play with him," she said.

The profoundly disabled three-year-old was described as having angel wings.

"It's a story of our journey with Lucas having cerebral palsy."

Claire said she had looked for a book to help describe Lucas's condition to Charlie.

Debbie believes the book has helped with the family's grief.

"We just wanted to get the message out there - it's okay not to be able to walk and talk," Debbie said.

"Writing is just part of getting stuff out of your head, onto paper."

The family believes when dealing with grief you need to keep talking and listening to one another.

"Don't be scared to say, 'I don't know how to help you'. Just give them a hug, and sometimes it's just what they need.

"Just sticking together is so important."

Debbie said the book helped with a change of focus - it gave the family a more positive attitude.

"We've gone from grief to let's talk about him. I am never going to let him out of my life."

In the first week of being released, 50 copies of I can Touch the Moon were sold.

People interested in buying a copy can go to the Facebook page, LJ Smiles.

Debbie is working on a second book about finding Lucas' wings.