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Ben Knight is all focusSat Feb 4 Nick Kossatch GLA050217U14DIV1BA

Plenty of pluck shown by Gladstone's U16 teams

BASKETBALL: Mixed bag this far for Gladstone's junior teams

Gladstone Power under-16 boy's and girl's teams had mixed results amid some fighting performances amid adversity.

The girls finished with a win-less campaign, but were perhaps unlucky in the game against Bundaberg after superstar point-scorer Aliah Bernabei injured her left ankle in the game against Bundaberg yesterday.

She had put on a clinic to score 31 points before her injury and five fouls to Jess Wilmot, who also played under duress with a fractured finger, and Eloise Greenland, meant Gladstone were forced to forfeit the remainder of the game.

"We're short on players which didn't help," Jess said.

Earlier in the game, it was all the Power which led by as much as 22 points before Bundy's Elizabeth Godfrey (19 points) led a comeback.

Jess said her pain tolerance was tested, but she managed to battle on.

"I've been icing it a lot and took plenty of nurafin," Jess said.

She took plenty out of the games which began with a 57-41 loss to Rockhampton on Saturday and a heart-breaking 43-39 defeat at the hands of Bundy.

"I think I've done well in defence, but got to get better in offence," Jess said.

She said coaches Tahnee and Kiah Guinea have provided plenty of positive feedback.

As for the finger before the next CDC series?

"I just have to let it heal and keep it still," Jess said.

Gladstone's U16 boys enjoyed an impressive 15-point win against Hervey Bay yesterday to split their CDC with two wins and two losses.

Connor Lantry and Thasindu Chandrasekara both stroked 18 points and it was the perfect way to rebound from a 75-43 loss against Bundaberg.

Bundaberg's athletic Micah Radic showed some great moves with 18 points which was the same tally he scored against Gladstone on Saturday.

Gladstone coach Hayden Castell said there were encouraging signs.

"We have improved every game and actually I thought our best game was against Bundy even though we went down by 32 points," Castell said.

"Our role players have stepped up."




Central District Carnival

U16 Girls

Rockhampton 57 (A Muggeridge 20, S Namasasu 12) d Gladstone 41(A Bernabei 19, D Arnold 8)

Bundaberg 43 (M Redgard 12, M Mortensen 10) d Gladstone 39 (A Bernabei 23)

Bundaberg 43 (E Godfrey 19) d Gladstone 45 (A Bernabei 31) on forfeit as Gladstone had 3 players after injury and foul trouble

U16 Boys

Rockhampton 53 (H Richardson 12, C Halliday 11) d Gladstone 36 (T Chandrasekara 8, B Harvey 7)

Gladstone 67 (T Chandresekara 16, B Murdoch 12, L Knight 10) d Hervey Bay 46 (M Radic 16, J Radic 10)

Bundaberg 75 (M Wright 22, K Redgard 19, I Mills 12) d Gladstone 43 (T Chandrasekara 9, C Lantry; B Harvey 7)

Gladstone 68 (T Chandrasekara; C Lantry 18) d Hervey Bay 53 (M Radic 18)

U14 Boys A-team

Rockhampton 51 (B Tweedy 22, L Muggeridge 10) d Gladstone 44 (H Mellars 17, A Maunga 9)

Gladstone 61 (H Mellars 21, L Evans 8) d Emerald 30 (K Prewett; D Catip 8)

Gladstone 53 (B Knight 11, L Hampson 10, A Maunga 9) d Emerald 35 (C Harrison 17)

Bundaberg 57 (M Davis 36) d Gladstone 38 (A Maunga 10, A Kahondo 9)

U14 Boys B-team

Rockhampton 71 (S Watene 14, B Harrison 12) d Gladstone 40 (A Clancy 15, J Morfey 8)

Gladstone 41 (J Morfey 11, A Clancy 10) d Hervey Bay 34 (B Elliot 12, B Pohlmann 8)

Hervey Bay 48 (S Pickels 14, B Elliot 11) d Gladstone 32 (J Morfey 14)

Rockhampton 62 (B Harrison 21, S Watene 16) d Gladstone 19 (J Morfey 10)

U14 Girls

Gladstone 64 (K Barrenger 22, E Harvey 19) d Hervey Bay 48 (J Conjar 21, M Jordan 10)

Bundaberg 58 (L Haster 12, T Sands; S Cass 10) d Gladstone 27 (E Harvey 12)

Hervey Bay 39 (J Conjar 11, M Jordan 8) d Gladstone 35 (E Harvey 16, K Barrenger 7)

Rockhampton 77 (C Dunn 20, B Weber 17) d Gladstone 30 (E Harvey 14)