TRUE BELIEVER: Supabuild Australia international sales dealer Ray Darker with some samples of the new Plaswall.
TRUE BELIEVER: Supabuild Australia international sales dealer Ray Darker with some samples of the new Plaswall. Mike Richards GLABULD

New termite-proof building product makes its debut

A NEW flood-proof, termite-proof building product is making its central Queensland debut in Calliope.

Plaswall is a custom-manufactured modular wall product manufactured in the Philippines.

Supabuild Australasia international salesman Ray Darker said he found the product, also marketed as fire proof, about seven years ago.

"This is the ultimate to me. I'd never build a brick veneer house over this in a million years," he said.

"Our factory in the Philippines flooded under 20 foot of water and we just hosed it out - the panels don't get destroyed."

Mr Darker said the Plaswall panels suit any design or architectural requirements and were extremely cost effective.

"It's main features are the cyclone and flood ratings and it's similar to conventional building,'' he said.

"Not saying we're less or more expensive but we're a lot quicker."

Their current 210sq m four-bedroom Calliope house project was expected to take six weeks to finish.

He said about 40,000 homes are currently being built with the product in the Philippines and another in Oklahoma.

Mr Darker said they are currently looking to train builders to use the product which uses 100% recycled plastic High Impact Moulded Inserts (HIMI),bonded between two layers of fibre cement sheets in situ and erected to produce a straight-to-finish wall.

Gladstone Coastal Homes builder Craig Price said he would need to see the product first hand, touch and feel it to make an opinion.

"There are lots of different products out there, but it comes down to application and finish,'' Mr Price said.

"I might look at it and not be interested or look at it and say yes there's an opportunity for the building industry."

Mr Price said anything that was concrete based, and that can't be softened or rotted out by water was a good product to use in flood-prone areas.

"But the big thing to think about is don't build in low lying areas,'' he said.

"All that information can be sourced from council. We've had a couple of bad years, down south terribly."

Pick up your copy of Domain on Saturday October 26 for pictures and information on Plaswall.