HAPPY TRAVELS: Be prepared when you travel with children and plan to visit your GP.
HAPPY TRAVELS: Be prepared when you travel with children and plan to visit your GP. Choreograph

Planning for a kid-safe holiday

WITH the summer holidays drawing to a close and the focus on return to school and resumption of normal family activities, it is a good time to reflect on the holiday period.

What was great and what you could do better?

It is said the best way to end a holiday is to start planning the next one.

Planning is the most important tool when looking at travelling with children.

In this world there are so many opportunities for travel overseas to exotic destinations and third world countries. Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam are close neighbours and easily accessible for holidays.

Travelling with children requires extra planning and thought.

Not all children are the same, infants, toddlers, adolescents and will require specific tailored advice.

A pre-travel consult ensures good preparation for a stress-free holiday.

Most parents may not realise that the standard vaccination program does not give protection against infections, such as Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Rabies, Yellow Fever, Malaria and other potential exposures.

The most commonly reported health problems among children travelling are:

* Diarrhoea illnesses; more serious than in adults due to risk of dehydration. Strict food and water hygiene for prevention must be observed and treatment with safe rehydration fluids is always recommended.

* Dermatologic conditions: (sunburn, bites, infection, stings). Remember, man's best friend at home may be your worst enemy. Please remain mindful that rabies kills on average 200 to 300 people in Thailand per year.

* Fever based illnesses, especially malaria, require a good preventative strategy with an appropriate repellent such as DEET ensuring better safety.

* Respiratory disorders related to increased exposure to bacteria and viruses.

* Accidents are also a common occurrence with the Millennials such as rent-a-scooter, motor vehicles and water-related injuries. Stay safe by wearing the appropriate safety gear.

Be prepared for your next holiday with a pre-travel consult with your GP.

Happy travelling.

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