Plan to keep the family safe in a wild summer

WHEN disaster strikes, it might be too late to figure out a plan of action to keep your family safe.

A household emergency plan is simple to prepare - and if you never have to use it, all the better. It will be the best time you've ever wasted.

Work with your household to decide the best plan for different scenarios, and make sure everyone is aware of what they need to do.

Things to consider:

  1.  If you live in a floodprone area or if your home is at risk from storm tide, what would you do? 
  2.  If you're separated when a disaster happens (at work or school), how will you stay in touch with loved ones and where will you meet? 
  3. Where would you go if you need to evacuate? 
  4. Do you have a list of emergency contact phone numbers? This special Storm Season feature includes a full-size poster of useful information which you could hang inside your back door.
  5. Does anyone have specific medical conditions or needs? Would they need assistance?
    Don't forget your neighbours when working this out.
    For example, is there someone nearby with impaired hearing who would need to be told of emergency warnings or other important information?
    Would anyone with mobility difficulties need help in an evacuation?
  6. Don't forget non-human family members: Do you need to make plans for pets?

For more useful information on preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, go to and search for "emergency plan".