Plain decency goes begging in Targinnie

IT'S been an unwritten rule for decades.

If you are on somebody else's property, you leave it as you found it.

If the gates are open, you leave them open; if they are closed, you close them after passing through.

It's just common decency, and if contractors and their staff involved in building these massive gas pipelines, they need to be brought to task.

Sure, the land they are working on in the Targinnie area is state land, but even so the people who run stock on the land are lessees and they have every right to stand up for their livelihood.

We all know the projects are massive, and they involve massive amounts of cash for the proponents, but that doesn't give them and their contractors the right to go against common decency.

In relative terms, the loss of stock to a farmer is worth a heck of a lot too.

The aim with this project, as far as we can ascertain is that landowners should be disrupted as little as possible.

This seems to be a one-sided affair that should be fixed.