Placenta option is a healthy choice

JANUARY Jones did it, Kim Kardashian was tossing it up, so what about you?

Have you ever eaten your child's placenta?

Now before you squirm at the thought, or reach for a bucket, it really isn't all that odd.

My Midwives Toowoomba director Rebecca Denny said most women who chose to do it had it made into capsules, and the health benefits were huge.

"In the midwifery world, this is not something new and at My Midwives we have seen women become more informed and inquisitive about what the placenta does and what they can do with it after the birth of their baby," Mrs Denny said.

"As far as eating or having the placenta encapsulated goes, this is a concept that belongs to the minority of our clients, but certainly not uncommon."

Mrs Denny said the nutrients within the placenta worked wonders for new mums.

"Probably the most significant benefit we know of is its high potency of iron which can be extremely beneficial for the woman in the postnatal period," she said.

It is believed to help with depression and aid in a speedy recovery.

Some mums choose to bury their child's placenta in the backyard, others store it, and some go the whole hog and whack it on the barbie - no joke.

So far, doctors have only found benefits of consuming the placenta, and no risks.

"There are no known risks involved with eating the placenta, as it dates back centuries in the human and animal population," Mrs Denny said.

Would you eat placenta?

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