Paul Pisasale has given Donald Trump a serve over his recent antics.
Paul Pisasale has given Donald Trump a serve over his recent antics. Rob Williams

Pisasale to give Trump "a gobful" over travel ban

DONALD better duck if he ever does come to Ipswich because the US President is set for an almighty spray from Mayor Paul Pisasale over his controversial travel ban.

Cr Pisasale had sent US President Donald Trump a personal invitation to visit Ipswich if he ever flew into RAAF Amberley Air Force Base on a visit to Queensland.

He hasn't retracted the invitation, but Cr Pisasale spoke in the Ipswich City Council general meeting of how disgusted he was by Mr Trump's decision to sign an executive order that temporarily suspended citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen from entering the US for at least 90 days.

Cr Pisasale said if he ever did come to Ipswich he would let him know what he thought

"One of the things I do is make sure I give respect to leaders, irrespective of their political parties - whether that be the Premier, Prime Minister or US President," he said.

"I didn't vote for Donald Trump but I gave him the courtesy of an invitation and hoped that he would change and start uniting America and the world.

"His actions regarding this (travel ban) was the last straw for me because it has proven to me he is not fit for the status of US President.

"The way he has done it, and the fact that people are missing out on seeing their relatives and friends, is divisive and his true colours are coming out.

"A leader should be uniting America and the globe.

"If he came here he would get a gobful and I would tell him what he needs to do as US President.

"I am hoping he will change and realise he is the US President. He is not Donald Trump."

Cr Pisasale said he had delegations from representatives from other countries in recently days and they were "devastated" by Mr Trump's actions.

"He has lost the plot," Cr Pisasale said.