NO DAMS: Greens Senator Larissa Waters was in Gladstone yesterday.
NO DAMS: Greens Senator Larissa Waters was in Gladstone yesterday. Greg Bray

Water Security: Pipeline better option than dams for Waters

GREENS senator Larissa Waters was in Gladstone yesterday and said building new dams "won't make it rain."

"The Nationals are banging the drum on the Rookwood Weir again as they've done for many decades," she said.

"Rookwood Weir is the most expensive water supply option for this region.

"They're saying the water's for farmers but we all know it would actually be for industrial users and the projections are that water wouldn't be needed - there's not going to be that much of an increase in those industrial activities for a good 20 years at best."

East Gippsland kitchens thrive on quality local produce. Picture: Zoe Phillips
Massive loopholes have meant region-destroying water mismanagement in NSW. The Greens plan will avoid that.

Ms Waters said the Greens support anything that increases water efficiency.

"We need to do it in a way that doesn't create further problems," she said.

"This government does not have a good track record in managing water.

"They've stuffed up the management of the Murray Darling Basin and we've just seen the worst fish kills on record.

"A few years ago they axed funding for the Great Artesian Basin bore capping scheme."

Paradise Dam suffered damage to its primary spillway and erosion of its dissipator pad when it overflowed during the flood event in 2013.
Greens are calling for a sensible and sustainable approach instead of the current plan. Contributed

Ms Waters said there were better alternatives available to improve water security for the region.

"A simple line to the Paradise Dam via Awoonga or tapping some of the unused flows in the Fitzroy would be a far more sustainable and sensible option than building a new weir that will cost an awful lot and isn't what's needed," she said.

"Our farmers are desperate for help and real action to address this problem.

"If the government continues to ignore climate change our droughts are going to get longer and harder.

"I think this is an excuse for the government to throw some dollars around for big concrete projects that won't actually fix the real problems.

"You cannot build your way out of a drought."