Nate Gourley shows his fighting fury.
Nate Gourley shows his fighting fury. Contributed GLA300519MMA

PICS: Dual wins fills Gladstone coach with huge pride

MARTIAL ARTS: Gladstone Martial Arts Academy has produced two more young champions.

Khiya Moore and Nate Gourley won their respective fights in the Muay Thai Show on the Sunshine Coast

Khiya Moore shows the way.
Khiya Moore shows the way. Contributed GLA300519MMA

Both were undercards in the event.

It was a matter of absorbing the early pressure which Khiya's opponent applied in the first two rounds, but it was the third that proved decisive.

"Khiya began to find her distance and began to land and hurt her opponent to the body with kicks and was landing some precisely time punches before again working the clinch with big knees and elbows," GMAA head coach Rob McIntyre said.

PROUD AS PUNCH Nate Gourley and Khiya Moore are all smiles after their wins.
PROUD AS PUNCH Nate Gourley and Khiya Moore are all smiles after their wins. INSETS: Nate and Khiya show their skills. Contributed GLA300519MMA

"After three rounds of back and forth action that had the crowd screaming the judges awarded Khiya the unanimous points victory."

Nate was pro-active from the get-go.

"He landed kick after undefended kick on his opponent before locking up the clinch and landing big knees to the body and scoring with fast take-downs," McIntyre said.

"Nate's opponent rallied back in the second round scoring take-downs of his own and Nate continued to score with clean punches, kicks and knees throughout the round."

Nate took charge in the third and final round where he landed more strikes than his opponent and scored with some more clean take-downs.

"Our kids were very impressive on the night and the feedback I got from judges and trainers that they were impressed with not only the spirit of our juniors, but especially the fitness and the great technique as well," McIntyre said.