Helene Macey raised funds with a high tea picnic.
Helene Macey raised funds with a high tea picnic.

Picnic raises funds for medical equipment

SUNDAY'S high tea picnic at Spinnaker Park raised $1000 for Central Queensland University's Nursing Program in India.

Ten students from across Queensland will leave on November 2 to spend two weeks in India.

They will work in local healthcare facilities, provide recommendations and present to local university students.

CQU Bachelor of Nursing student Helene Macey is part of the program and organised the picnic to raise funds.

Ms Macey said her picnic in the park was 'an absolute success'.

"I have been lucky to receive great community support with donations of supplies and prizes from local businesses," she said.

"The guests' financial contributions were more than I could have hoped for and thank each one from the bottom of my heart."

Guests enjoyed the high tea picnic at Spinnaker Park
Guests enjoyed the high tea picnic at Spinnaker Park

The money will go to much needed supplies for the hospital Ms Macey will visit and work at in Ahmedabad.

"They do not get government funding like we do here and lack basic necessary equipment," Ms Macey said.

As part of the trip, Ms Macey will also visit local villages to provide education and basic medical care to locals.

She said the group would visit women's clinics in the villages to provide information about contraception, safe sex and general women's issues.

"It's going to be completely different to what we're used to in Australia," Ms Macey said.

She said it would be good to use her skills in a place without facilities available in Australia.

As part of the program, Ms Macey will share her recommendations with the Ahmedabad hospital.

She said the recommendations would focus on improving the level of care given to patients and overall health and safety at the hospital.

Ms Macey will also present to local university students on what it's like to study in Australia.