David Williams has a range of fruit trees in his garden.
David Williams has a range of fruit trees in his garden. MARA PATTISON-SOWDEN

In my garden: Retired farmer loves his fruit and veg

RETIRED farmer David Williams shows us around his garden, which features a wide range of fruit trees and vegies.

Name: David Williams.

Occupation: Retired farmer.

What is in your garden: Ice cream trees, lemon myrtle, mandarins, limes, mangoes, oranges, paw paws, avocados, peanut tree, lychees, logan, crows ash, chocolate pudding tree, banana, guava, and tropical apricot.

There's also a selection of natives. There's three types of mulberry - white, black and Char-tut. The vegie garden.

How do you keep it all healthy: Horse manure, chook poo, Blood and Bone, dolomite lime, gypsum - it helps the avacodos.

We have chickens and the cage is moved around but they don't roam. They're only young, they need a few more weeks.

We have foxes around here.

How long have you lived here: We moved here in 1999 from the Darling Downs where I was a farmer.

There was nothing here. I'm still developing the garden. My mother was a mad keen gardener.

We've only had the dam since 2005 but since I put it in, it hasn't rained enough. I'm not a tidy gardener.

Cyclone Marcia had a go at some of the plants.

What are you holding? A pomme yellow. It's like a grapefruit but they're sweet as with a lemony taste and a huge amount of membrane in it.

What are you getting ready to plant? I've got some peas for the grandkids to come and pick.

Coming into summer I'll look to do pumpkins and beans.

Why gardening? It's an enjoyment thing. My most enjoyable thing is grazing.

I walk around, grab some lettuce, take the big tomatoes inside. I just don't stand still.