Nick Downie finds a little trouble
Nick Downie finds a little trouble

PHOTOS: There were thrills but not many spills

MOTORSPORT: While the 10th Lister Motors Lowmead 3-Car Challenge was won by Mackay's Team RamRod, co-event organiser Nic Dow said Gladstone drivers featured well in the popular event.

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His father, Anthony Dow, and his team finished 10th out of 17 in a format that featured three trucks or buggies per team.

The 10-class competition began on Friday night and finished on Sunday at Clarky's Petrolhead Paradise.

"The track was dustier than what we expected but it was a lot of fun for everyone involved," Dow Jr said.

The dry conditions meant near incident-free racing with just two rollovers and no injuries.

"Forty-nine of the 51 cars finished the event and the drier it is the less amount of breakages you get," Dow Jr said.

Competition was close as the fight for points ramped up.

"There was just 100 points difference between the second and 10th-placed teams and on Sunday the two morning stages determined the results," Dow Jr said.

"It was very close from first to third in the first stage, it was like that all weekend.

Dow Jr said the event was also for a great cause with money raised going towards the Capricorn Rescue Helicopter, Men's Shed and Women's Health.

Dow Jr praised the work James Moroske put into the event.

"He prepared the track for all of the 10 stages on the Thursday and Friday before the event," Dow Jr said.

"The stages were amazing and James was there on both days before sunrise and after sunset."

Dow Jr, who is also an official with Central Queensland 4WD, said a new competition could start next year.

"We're hoping to start up a 2-Car competition which will be three rounds but are in process of looking for a venue," Dow Jr said.

"This event will be all about the competitors and will be easy to run while Lowmead was all about the spectators.

"The committee played a major part in organising the 10th Lowmead event as well and there's a lot of time and work put into the Lowmead events."