NO ONE likes to be forgotten at Christmas.

And that includes pets.

Friends of RSPCA cat co-ordinator Anita Coad stressed the importance of organising a place for pets to stay if you are going away on holidays over Christmas and New Year.

"Everyone needs to make sure they organise someone to come and feed and give them water every day," she said.

"With the hot weather they need to be kept cool, they can't be shut in a hot house with no fresh air.

"Animals should be inside during storms. The pound always ends up full after a storm."

She said the Friends of RSPCA experiences a significant rise in animals during Christmas time, due to people dumping their animals.

"We are flat out this time of year - last year we hardly had our own Christmas," she said.

Ms Coad said it was a sad reality that people dumped their animals if they had not planned how they would look after them over the Christmas break, and then purchased a new pet when they returned from their holiday.

The Friends of RSPCA will hold their cat adoption day this Sunday.

The not-for-profit organisation is also desperately in need of kitten food.

Food donations can be made at Boyne Island Woolworths, Calliope Supa IGA, Kirkwood Shopping Centre Woolworths, Gladstone Square Charter Hall Woolworths, Night Owl Supa IGA, Sun Valley Supa IGA, and Kin Kora Coles.


  • The RSPCA's cat adoption day will be held this Sunday at 17 Pams Ct, Beecher between 10am and 1pm.
  • A discount will be considered if you purchase more than one cat or kitten.
Friends of RSPCA cat coordinator Anita Coad with eight-week-old Chuckie.
Friends of RSPCA cat coordinator Anita Coad with eight-week-old Chuckie. Tegan Annett