CARER: Friends of RSPCA president Judy Whicker.
CARER: Friends of RSPCA president Judy Whicker. Rebecca Davis

Pets face grim future as carer homes overflow in Gladstone

WHILE Friends of the RSPCA wait for their new and improved facilities, more animals are being euthanized as foster carer homes overflow.

"We don't have anywhere to store them," president Judy Whicker said.

"We are taking as many as we can. Even all the fosterers have reached their limit"

Ms Whicker said that large dogs are more likely to be put down, along with about 10-12 cats a week.

"It's upsetting for us, because we're seeing so many beautiful dogs being put down," she said.

The group has about 50 dog and four cat foster carers taking animals in straight from the pound without processing.

"When we had the centre, dogs would come in, be processed and stay for 3-5 days," Ms Whicker said.

She's looking forward to the Gladstone Regional Council's new pound opening at the old RSPCA site, with new facilities alongside it.

"I know the tenders have been awarded. We're hoping to be back in it by Christmas," she said.

"It's going to make it a lot easier."