Petrol price hikes expected at Easter

WITH petrol prices expected to skyrocket this week, NSW drivers planning on escaping for the Easter break are being urged to fill up their cars as soon as possible.

According to the NRMA, some petrol stations in Sydney were already selling unleaded at 20 cents more per litre than others on Monday and President Wendy Machin warned prices would only rise across the board in coming days.

Until Wednesday, regional stations will be selling unleaded around the $1.40-45 mark but from there the average is likely to rise to the $1.58 mark and beyond.

The NRMA expects prices will drop slightly over the Easter weekend, and reach their lowest point around Anzac Day.

Ms Machin said a gap of up to 25% in petrol prices was already evident and advised families to "do their research" before deciding where to fill up.

"The service stations selling unleaded... under $1.40 per litre are typically independent retailers - Our research tells us that they often sell at the bottom of a price cycle for a few days longer than major retailers.

"In a typical family sedan with a 50 litre tank, that's equivalent to a saving of around $10...we'd rather our Members spend that on Easter eggs than give it to the oil companies."

Families travelling anywhere in NSW can check out which towns have the cheapest fuel at