Petition started to stop sale iconic Aussie cattle property

A PETITION has been created in a bid to stop the sale of an iconic Australian cattle property to overseas investors.

Reports this week suggest Chinese company is the lead foreign bidder for the S. Kidman and Co. pastoral properties, backed by its local joint venture partner, Australian Rural Capital.

Offers are believed to be in the mid-$300-million range.

Senator for Queensland and Leader of the Glenn Lazarus Team, Glenn Lazarus has ramped up his campaign to stop the sale of Australia's largest group of cattle stations to the Chinese.

"Nine out of ten Australians do not want our land sold off to the Chinese," Senator Glenn Lazarus said today.

"I have been overwhelmed with calls and emails from people across Australia wanting to support my campaign to stop the sale of the Kidman Properties to the Chinese.

"As a result, I have created a petition on to give everyone across the country the opportunity to help me stop the sale.

"The petition calls on Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison to reject the sale before the election on 'national interest' grounds and to work with Australian bidders to ensure the properties remain in Australian hands.

"The Kidman Properties as a group are larger in size than Tasmania and cover Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and my home state of Queensland.

"The sale is subject to approval by the Foreign Investment Review Board however the Turnbull Government has extended the decision until after the Federal Election of July 2.

"This is a dishonest decision. We cannot allow the Turnbull Government to get away with this because we all know what will happen.

"They must put the interests of Australia first and reject the sale before the election.

"Australian bidders want to buy the properties including Australian icon Lindsay Fox and his family.

"I will personally deliver the petition to Malcolm Turnbull myself.

"Australia is open for business, but we are not for sale. We are open to foreign investment, but only if this provides Australian jobs for Australian workers and is not dependent on the sale of our country."