PETA calls for 'sexy' display of chickens off shelves

A CALL for "naked" chickens to be removed from display on supermarket shelves is the latest extreme measure controversial animal welfare organisation PETA wants governments to adhere to in its campaign to turn the world vegan.

The president of the US-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals caused a stir this week when she criticised a magazine for running advertisements of a ready-to-roast raw chicken which had been bred in captivity.

A PETA spokeswoman then went a step further, telling the Weekly Times the sight of plucked chickens in supermarkets was "disgusting" and supermarkets should not be allowed to have them on display.

"We don't want to see any chickens on display but, instead, want them to live natural, happy lives with their families," she said.

"Sexily displaying the corpse of a chicken who has been bred to grow so big, so quickly, that many collapse under their own weight, is just additionally offensive."