CATTLE DUFFING: A local family farm has had 23 head of cattle taken from their property.
CATTLE DUFFING: A local family farm has had 23 head of cattle taken from their property.

Pet cow Lucky among cattle stolen from farm

"IT'S a real kick."

Owners of local family farm Lakota Vue were left stupefied after discovering 23 head of cattle worth about $30,000 had been stolen from their property over the last few months.

A family member at the Railway Rd farm said she noticed 10 cattle gone in the muster before last, but thought it might have been a counting error.

It wasn't until the most recent muster which saw another 13 cattle missing, one of which was hand-reared cow Lucky, that Leaone Quinn and her family knew something was wrong.

"We counted and kept recounting over and over, but you can't miss 23 cows, some which would be in-calf," she said.

"It was all eyes on deck - we had people on horses, bikes and cars head out across the farm to find them, but we couldn't see them anywhere.

"I'm still in shock, we've been here for 12 years and never had any trouble."

Among the cross-bred braham and brangus charolais cattle stolen is 8-year-old Lucky, a cow Ms Quinn said was attacked by a wedge-tail eagle as a calf and the reason she knew the livestock weren't just missing, but stolen.

Ms Quinn said "everyone's a bit doom and gloom" about the return of her stock, but she is hopeful someone will ID the unique branding: LV.

"You'd think they would just be in another paddock, but fencing is all good," she said.

"To start with I thought maybe they'd eaten something and died, but you'd see 23 dead cows.

"If this is going on, I hope this might stop them from taking someone else's cattle."

Childers Police are investigating the theft and said all the cows have tags and have been branded so they're more likely to be in someone's back paddock than to go through the sale-yards.

"Cattle don't just walk out of a paddock, we're not in drought and there's plenty of feed," a police spokesman said.

"They would be worth between $1500 to $2000 a head and with some in calf it'll be more like 40 cows."

Identifying features include yellow, white or purple ear tags.

If you see this brand phone PoliceLink on 131 444 and quote QP1800096427.