Pesky geckos given the double whammy

FIRST up, many, many thanks to all who made contact with me about my gecko problem.

As I wrote last week, geckoes have twice gotten into my ducted air system, shorting it out and resulting in nearly $3000 of repairs.

I had a bundle of telephone calls, and also a visit from Sam, who brought along a can of the product he maintained does the trick well.

The suggestions ranged from going outside and bashing the top of the air-con unit before starting it up, to putting camphor blocks around the electronic areas where we have the problems (which we have been doing since the first problem).

However, I think Sam's stuff will do the trick.

He's had exactly the same problem and was told that a CRC product called Plasticote was the answer.

It's sprayed onto the circuit boards and creates a plastic film over all the contacts, insulating them from pesky little creatures like geckos that can cost you thousands when they fry themselves during a short-circuit.

So, now armed with a can of the stuff from a local electrical supply company, I'm going to get my friendly air-con people to give the boards a spray.

Mind you, I still went out and bought some more camphor blocks - hopefully by doing the double whammy prevention stuff we'll fix the little blighters and keep them away from the problem area.

My little problem, albeit fairly expensive, ranks fairly low when we heard last week of the carpet snake that decided to slither its way into a substation.

The slithering took it in among all those dangerous high-voltage bits and pieces, and it ended up knocking out the power to 4500 Ergon consumers.

Perhaps Mr Ergon could try Plasticote. Might do the trick!