Fashion from Fantasy Rags, Goondoon Street, Gladstone.
Fashion from Fantasy Rags, Goondoon Street, Gladstone. Tom Huntley

Fashion tips and beauty tricks to tackle the heat trackside

How to make sure your make-up stays perfect in the warm weather

Fashion tips for men

LOCAL ladies and gents are sure to sweat it out in glamourous style today, so we've got some tips to manage the heat.

Today is the first race date in Gladstone's 2013 calendar.

We're in the height of summer so women can enjoy wearing those brights for a little bit longer.

Fascinators don't have to match the dress and unless you're fortunate enough to stumble across something exactly, often it's easier to make the accessories match in a complementing tone to the dress.

If your dress is loud in pattern, go simple with the accessories and vice versa.


IN this steamy heat, it's going to be sliding off your face in no time, so less is more.

  • Use a primer; it will help keep your make-up on.
  • Go for some lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser.
  • Bronze up for that summer glow and contour the cheekbones.
  • Cream blush will go on easy in the hot weather, plus give a radiant glimmer.
  • For simple, high impact eyes, wet a brush lightly and use it with your eyeshadow of choice. This makes the shadow's colour pigments more intense.
  • Dab white eyeliner or eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes.Use liquid eyeliner; it will stay on longer than eye pencil.
  • Have some fun with fake eyelashes. If you're not familiar with them, allow a good half hour.
  • Don't forget to fill your eyebrows in lightly. They will keep your look smart with minimal make-up.
  • And lastly, bring tissues to lightly blot perspiration.

For the guys

FORGET the suit jacket, roll up the sleeves and add a vest or bow tie if you feel like a bit of flair.

Here's some options for reducing sweat too.

  • Wear a sports undershirt; they're designed to wick moisture away.
  • Remove excess body hair. Your anti-perspirant needs to come in contact with your skin.
  • Go for fabrics like cotton, silk or linen instead of polyester or other synthetics. Natural fibres allow breathability.
  • Pick lightweight pieces and shirts that are slightly larger for air circulation.
  • Light colours.