Kimberley Hausler pleaded guilty to a series of drug offences.
Kimberley Hausler pleaded guilty to a series of drug offences.

Personal trainer caught with drugs

A Gladstone personal trainer was found to be using her nutribullet blender to chop up drugs.

Police conducted a search at Kimberley Louise Hausler’s Gladstone address on December 2 where she declared there was a bong in her bedroom.

Officers found marijuana mixed with tobacco which weighted 1.1g, a glass water pipe with burnt residue which smelt of marijuana and a nutribullet blender with marijuana residue.

Hausler failed to provide identifying particulars as required within seven days and said she couldn’t attend because her children were sick but admitted someone could have taken care of them.

Hausler pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court last Tuesday to possessing dangerous drugs and utensils, and contravening a police requirement.

Defence lawyer Rio Ramos said the 28-year-old personal trainer had formerly been an aged care nurse but could no longer do that job due to her criminal history.

She said her client used to be heavily addicted to all sorts of drugs and lost her partner to a drug overdose.

Ms Ramos said her client had been diagnosed with depression and bipolar and was put on medication which made her into a “zombie” and made her “sleep and zonked out.”

She said the marijuana was for personal use and her client had self-rehabilitated by becoming a personal trainer.

Hausler was fined $800 and convictions were recorded.

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