Persistence brings us closer to steel plant job influx

THE possibility of an extra 1800 permanent jobs in Gladstone has become a substantial step closer.

On Tuesday the creditors' meeting for Boulder Steel voted in favour of a proposal lodged by Otsana Pty Ltd, in conjunction with Paul Sundstrom.

This was the first major hurdle following the successful raising of around $150,000 to start the ball rolling towards the steel company becoming a reality.

This next step is a direct result of Mr Sundstrom's "dog with a bone" approach to the rescue.

From the start, he studied the entire original proposal and, with help from other experts, came to the conclusion this steel project could definitely be a viable prop osition.

The problem was just how much cash was required to get the initial work done, and that's where we almost lost the whole project.

There's still a long way to go and a fair amount more cash required to get over the next few hurdles, but Tuesday's activity means that we are well on the way now to success.