IMPROV QUEEN: Alyssa Maher produced a great performance at the Gladstone Eisteddfod.
IMPROV QUEEN: Alyssa Maher produced a great performance at the Gladstone Eisteddfod. Contributed

Performing is in her blood

GLADSTONE was treated to a wonderful performance by Alyssa Maher at the Gladstone Eisteddfod.

At 11 years old, Alyssa swept the audience of their feet in some inspired drama and speech performances to take out the highest points for her Mime and Solo Improvisation perform- ances.

Alyssa's mother, Rhana Maher, described the type of person Alyssa is.

"She's very dramatic, outgoing and has a really good sense of humour,” Ms Maher said.

"The arts is something she's always done. Kindy or the age four is when she first started to perform.

"She's always loved to do little acts for us and explore the arts.”

The Gladstone Eisteddfod was Alyssa's first performance outside of Biloela and she certainly was well prepared to take on any challenge.

"Her mime was prepared, the topic of shoe-shopping,” Ms Maher said.

"The Solo Improvisation is where the adjudicator gives them two minutes to prepare for a performance of a topic they give them.

"The topic was your favourite thing and the world and Alyssa chose to act out about her bedroom.

"She explored the dynamic of her bedroom, how messy it is, and how she can go on her adventure with lots places to explore under her bed and in her cupboard.”

Alyssa also received a very high honour from the judging panel.

"The second award was adjudicator selection, the strongest characterisation at that eisteddfod,” Ms Maher said.

"That encompassed her character drama as the ugly step sister, her mime and solo improvisation because all elements of those provide what they call characterisation.”

Alyssa continues to take part in speech and drama exams every year with Trinity College to go towards her scholarship in Dramatic Theatre.

"Her exam in November will be in a higher grade,” Ms Maher said.

"She's broken into the up in the intermediate category of the exam syllabus, moving on to advanced.”