Stuck in the middle - Keri McInerney (Spy In The House), with Michael O'Rourke and Steve Eales

Country music veteran Keri McInerey coming to Agnes

COMING SOON: Keri McInerney is a musical veteran.
COMING SOON: Keri McInerney is a musical veteran. Alistair Brightman

KERI McInerney has sung it all and won it all.

The country music singer has taken out over 50 music awards over her career, which spans about 24 years, give or take.

She and music partner Stevie T (Steve Terreberry) are an unstoppable duo who have travelled the country for 15 years, playing at pubs, venues and corporate functions numerous times.

They will take to the stage later this month and Pulse caught up with McInerney this week for a quick chat.

Q. What was your early life like?

A. Well I was born in Sydney and moved to northern NSW. I had my own dance school for a number of years and moved to Queensland in 1981.

My music has always been a part of me since I was a little girl.

I got my first recording contract in 1994 which I had for three years.

I then opened up my own business and label.

I had five hit singles after that and since then I've been a finalist in the Golden Guitars.

Q. What's the most excited you've been in your career?

A. I was selected to represent Australia in Hollywood.

It was amazing, the highlight of my career.

The contacts I've made have been amazing.

My very first hit single in Australia was kind of cool. I've won Queensland recording industry awards, I've done so many different little things.

Q. Tell us about the partnership with Steve.

A. Steve and I do a lot of song writing together.

We've been in partnership for 10,000 years!

We work in seven units together: we do corporate events and blues shows.

Last year we were on the road for 10 months.

At Agnes, we will be playing rock and blues, lots of covers and my own stuff. Also in acoustic format.

Q. Do you have time to unwind?

A. In my spare time... is there any?

I love song writing, poetry, photography, painting and meditation.

My painting portrait is hanging in Parliament House, actually.

Q. What's next?

A. I am putting a new album out, I've still got songs coming together and lots of touring.

People will have their pick with songs (on the album).

Q. Best piece of advice you've been given?

A. Never lose your passion; the industry is one that can test you.


  • WHEN: Friday, May 16
  • WHERE: Agnes Water Tavern