Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten.
Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten. PHILLIP BIGGS

Pension shock coming if Shorten holds the reins

TO THE pensioners and retirees  have one question to ask "Do you trust Bill Shorten with your retirement savings?".

If you do, then good luck to you as you are heading for pension shock in the future.

Those of us that wouldn't trust Shorten to put our wheelie bin out and not prepared to give him the opportunity by voting for him must do everything we can to prevent this character ever holding the top job in this country.

The team of Shorten and Bowen is like putting Fagin and The Artful Dodger in charge of the country's economy and our retirement savings.

Both of these characters have absolutely no experience in economics and, in spite of that, Bowen has the gall to write a book on the subject which, hardly had it gone to print, when he backflipped on several statements he made in it, which typifies his confused brain.

Basically, they have given us a strong warning signal from their franking dividend policy announced recently for us not to vote Labor under any circumstances.

Hope there are enough of us paying attention to this warning signal.


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