Peewees rescued after rain washes nest away

WHEN Maureen Chaffey saw three baby birds lose their nest in the rain, she scooped them up and made them a homemade nest.

In February, a day of rain washed away the peewees' nest made of mud and their mother flew away.

"The nest disintegrated into water," Maureen said.

She took them in, washed them and fed them with an eyedropper to keep them alive.

Maureen said after washing them there was some concern their mother would abandon them, but she had a feeling the mother would come back - and she did.

By the end of the week the little peewees had grown and they were ready to fly the nest.

It was a tough week though, with one of the peewees losing its life.

Two survived and flew off with their mother.

Maureen, who lives in Parkhurst, said they come back every now and then.

"We were very fond of them," Maureen said.

"It was a real pleasure feeding them with water."