Pauline finds common ground with unions


PAULINE Hanson has dealt a blow to the Government's bid to pass a union crackdown Bill, refusing to be a "rubber stamp" and putting the law's future in doubt.

In a surprise alliance, Senator Hanson is working closely with unions in responding to the proposal to deregister industrial organisations or officials which repeatedly break the law. They found common ground in opposition to free trade agreements.

Senator Hanson criticised the Government, saying she was disappointed in its actions and accusing them of rushing legislation.

"They're not dealing with the real issues affecting the Australian people," she said.

While the Government is eager to pass its Ensuring Integrity laws this fortnight, Senator Hanson said she would not be rushed and would seek further union feedback on the proposal.

Either her vote and Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie's is needed to get it through the Senate.

It follows The Courier-Mail revealing Queensland has more union officials before the courts for alleged industrial law breaches than any other state, as well as more instances of alleged illegal strike action.