The Gladstone Harbour Festival has a rich history in the region. Photo Contributed
The Gladstone Harbour Festival has a rich history in the region. Photo Contributed Contributed

Times gone by: Thieves, hunting and cyclones

March 7

1934: THIEVES went to a great deal of trouble to steal a motor car from H Anson's garage at Gladstone.

They first broke open a tool box at the new Town Hall, from which they took a pinch bar.

With this, they forced an entry at the garage.

They selected a car, and drove it along the Calliope Road, as far as the Rockhampton turn-off, where the owner found it abandoned the following day.

1937: GRAHAM'S Creek was always noted as a famous hunting ground by fishermen, and "Nimrod" well remembers a trip made a few years ago by a number of graziers, including both Frank Menzies, of Stowe, and Frank Butler, of Targinnie.

One had a heavy line out, baited with half a bullock's heart.

In the night, the tide turned so the line was hauled out and thrown in again.

In the dark, he threw it ashore. In the morning, he found he had caught a dingo.

1949: IN SPITE of disadvantages brought about by the cyclone and the subsequent rain, the Gladstone Municipal Band was on deck with another lively and enjoyable dance in the Trocadero Hall last Friday night, March 4.

Mr Jack Busteed acted as MC, while the GMB Orchestra supplied the music.

Mrs H Batterham and Mr J Truscott, two popular vocalists, rendered several items.

Many novelties were held.

The Monte Carlo and Elimination Waltz proved very popular.

A raffle valued at £1 ($2) was won by Miss M Owbridge.

Apparently in an endeavour to forget the events of the last few days, many visitors stranded in Gladstone, together with the local enthusiasts, turned up in force to dance their troubles away.