Edgy daywear: Elwood walkshorts + Mossimo V-neck tee.
Edgy daywear: Elwood walkshorts + Mossimo V-neck tee. Brenda Strong

Pastels are in this season for men's fashion

THIS is the first men's fashion shoot we've done in our new local fashion, local talent shoots and we're pretty proud of the result.

Gladstone's Emale Lifestyle in the Nightowl Centre is a mainstayer in local men's fashion.

Owner Justin Michell compiled these looks while Hemant Chand did them justice.

Thanks to the Reef Hotel/Motel for the rooftop pool location set against Gladdy's stunning blue skies.

Girlfriends stuck for Christmas gift ideas, take note of these casual summer and sleek after-dark looks.

Justin Michell from Emale Lifestyle:

LEATHER shoes are absolutely great for day and night.

Low profile leather lace-up or slip-on shoes can be worn with shorts in the day and with chinos or jeans the same night.

The old-school colour of tan/brown is making a strong comeback. Also, look out for Boots such as Dr Martens in Black or Cherry Red.

Men's clothing ranges continue to strongly promote pastels for spring/summer.

It speaks for itself. It's fresh and fun to wear.

Prints are making a very strong return to the market in both short and long sleeve woven shirts.

They are being worn in a rigid manner (with fully buttoned up) with coloured chinos and jeans and/or slim or skinny denim jeans.

Sorry, if prints aren't your thing but you're sure to see more to come.

And finally, vests. Vests are best worn two ways:

1. Deconstruct a three piece suit by removing the jacket and roll/hitch up your sleeves. Include a skinny tie (optional). Looks crazy good on a race day.

2. Use the same style principles as before, but include a print shirt and slim jeans.