This is why we have a taxi shortage, judge tells abuser

THIS is why Gladstone has a taxi shortage.

That's how Magistrate Russell Warfield described Patrick Niall McKee when he appeared in Gladstone Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

At 11.55pm on November 9, McKee left Bo Jangles night club and waited for a taxi.

On his way home in the cab, McKee asked the driver to perform a U-turn.

When the driver refused because it would be an illegal manoeuvre, McKee got angry and started to yell "racial comments".

After the driver pressed the emergency button, McKee continued to hurl racial abuse.

The driver felt threatened and called police.

McKee was arrested and refused to pay the $40.10 cab fare.

He appeared in Gladstone Magistrate's Court on Tuesday pleading guilty to one charge of public nuisance and one for evading his fare.

Magistrate Warfield said this sort of behaviour was why nobody wanted to be a taxi driver in Gladstone.

"It's an absolute disgrace," he said.

"This is the reason for the lack of taxis."

McKee was fined $600, ordered to pay $40.10 restitution and his conviction was not recorded.