Park vandals deserve mocking, people should dob them in

IN CASE you are not aware, this is the Year of the Park.

And what worse way to acknowledge some of our wonderful parks than to have to shut some down because of wanton vandalism.

That our council has had to resort to installing surveillance cameras in some of our parks and carry out some major repairs in others is nothing less than despicable.

Our parks are there for us all to enjoy - not for idiots to destroy.

Not only do we pay good money to the council to create and maintain recreational spaces, but we all need to be able to go to these parks at any time of the day and know that they are in good shape; not posing any danger to us or our children.

There are people in our community who know the offenders who wreaked such havoc on our city's fine facilities.

Those people should dob in the offenders.

Isn't it a shame that we don't have such wonderful features in our town as a set of stocks, so that we can all mock the brainless fools who do such pointless damage?